Editorial design
A series of printed “playpacks” I developed with Nottingham Playhouse. These were created during the summer of 2020 and aimed to give inner-city children a pack full of activities to keep them entertained over the summer. There was a significant emphasis on distributing these packs to less developed neighbourhoods without access to gardens or green spaces.​​​​​​​
Meet the client:
Nottingham Playhouse

Nottingham Playhouse commissioned me to create this series of booklets to engage new audiences and help entertain children during the summer holidays whilst lockdown measures were still in place.
I wanted to create an inviting booklet filled with summer images and plants to make you feel like you were sucked inside of a forest. The activities inside were carefully developed by myself and the staff at Nottingham Playhouse. We aimed to be as inclusive as possible and not require extra materials that some families might not have access to.

Female character Illustration produced in collaboration with Chloe Whittall

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