Branding, marketing and promotion
A "Micro-brand" I produced for a charity festival. The client needed a quick simple identity that could appeal to everyone in Nottingham for a variety of touchpoints.
Meet the client:
Nottstopping Festival

Nottstopping was a charity festival that took place during lockdown to bring entertainment to those in care homes and inner-city areas of Nottingham.
The festival aimed to raise money for frontline workers whilst providing over 300 hours of free content to anyone, all across Nottinghamshire. The main challenge was creating a strong, versatile brand with broad appeal and publicly launching the brand within 48 hours of receiving the brief.

Social media tiles were created for all 400+ acts so that the festival could be shared easily.

Mockups for lineups and digital activity packs

Nottstopping postcard sent to care homes around Nottingham

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