Meet the client: Green Hustle

A sustainably focused CIC aiming to help Nottingham meet its ambitious goal of becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2028.

I initially came on board as a designer but have since become a co-director to help produce content for the organisation by delivering events and community outreach programs on budget that best utilise Green Hustle's resources and potential.

Three of the lead organisers with Nottingham East MP Nada Whittome after filming the first Green Hustle Live stream in september 2020

A deconstruction of some of the imagery I used in the visual identity. Including the formation of the grid background present throughout the brand.

The goal for Green Hustle is to set
itself apart from the typical approach to
climate change. No doom and gloom
or violent protests. A candid look at the
real-life individuals that deal with the
current climate crisis whilst shining
a spotlight on the organisations
who help us avoid it.
Inspired by the theme of upcycling, I set out to create a visual identity from existing assets in a collage style. When paired with the contemporary serif typeface, this helped establish Green Hustle as a community made grassroots organisation, rather than a big-budget corporate entity.

A selection of social thumbnails from the first month of Green Hustle's launch.

Green Hustle Festival:
After the initial success of the brand launch in 2020 Green Hustle decided to put on their very own 'in-person' festival in June 2021.
This would mark the first in-person festival since 2019 before the covid-19 pandemic.
The challenge:
How do you establish a difference between "Green Hustle" and "Green Hustle Festival" without creating an entirely new identity or confusing existing audiences?
My solution: If you're trying to label a brand spin-off as something new, why not use a physical label?

Using the iconic building shape of the venue for the festival, I printed, photographed, chopped and risographed the building into different patterns and shapes to create a central background for the festival. To test the concept, I put it in a few sample posters to view it in context.

The Final Festival Ident

How do you promote an outdoor festival to an online audience that is becoming increasingly screen fatigued from a pandemic?
My solution was to produce and animate a launch video to help grab people’s attention and instantly give them a taste of the summery sustainable vibes we were planning.
In the run-up to the festival, I also published a full digital lineup categorised by the themes established in the launch video.

A snippet of the festival lineup

Screenprinting activities were available on the day of the festival. We encouraged people to bring their own shirts and tote bags to print on.

The bird image I created was a popular choice.

A socially distanced "get fit as funk" dance exercise workshop held on the main festival plaza.

I produced a small print run of brochures to guide people around the festival. I chose to use G.F smith's environment range and a single colour risograph for the prints. This kept them on budget and as sustainable as possible.

The festival stage lineup

Custom wax seals were used for special invites.

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