Animation and extended brand identity.
Marketing visuals I created for Green Hustle's 2021 Festival. In this project, I built on my animation skills to produce a snappy 60-second advert to promote the festival.
Meet the client:
Green Hustle Festival
After the initial success of the brand launch in 2020, Green Hustle decided to put on their very own 'in-person' festival in June 2021. This would mark the first in-person festival since the pandemic.

I Used "upcycled" images to create new brand imagery for the festival and made a short promotional video as the primary marketing asset.

Some development and testing of "upcycled" visuals

The main festival advert

Festival poster. Designed to establish a difference from the main "Green Hustle" brand.

A full digital lineup of all the acts to complement the teaser activities from the video

The Green Hustle after movie produced by Rob Leedle

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