Editorial & Print design
Monotone Risograph prints. Produced for Green Hustle in the lead up to their summer festival.
Meet the client:
Green Hustle

A sustainably focused CIC aiming to help Nottingham meet its ambitious goal of becoming
a carbon-neutral city by 2028.

I initially came on board as a designer but have since become a co-director to help produce content for the organisation by delivering events and community outreach programs on a budget that best utilises Green Hustle's resources and potential.
As part of Green Hustle's carbon-neutral initiative, I produced a 1 colour risograph brochure (using soy ink) and printed it on G.F Smith's Neenah Environment stock.
The first print was produced to aid teachers in a  project designed to teach young children the basics of pollination.
The second functioned as a sitemap and lineup for Green Hustle's first festival.

Festival sitemap and lineup on A3

Bee hotel activity on A3

I also created custom wax seals and used them on special invites to the festival.

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